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24-Hour Diner

anecdote / fiction

There’s a diner I visit sometimes when sleep doesn’t come easy. Tonight I order corn beef hash and eggs sunny side up and wheat toast and OJ. Coffee, she asks. And I turn over the cup. The sound of the coffee pouring comforts me like the presence of a few strangers at this hour and the mechanical din of the soda refrigerator at the entrance and the fact that I’m sitting at a booth by […]

Fly Fishing Lessons

fiction / poem

“What gives,” I say as we pull into the parking lot of an upscale mall. “Where’s the water?” Ten minutes later I cast my line, aiming for lengths of plywood in the grass beside the freeway. After a couple misses, my old man yells over traffic, “Give it more wrist!” Cars slow. Drivers begin to ogle. I assume they are confused by the sight of grown men with fishing poles on the side of the […]