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The Tasty Pour-Over

anecdote / fiction

The cafĂ© sells coffee and ambience and gourmet breakfast sandwiches. The walls are exposed brick and they sell nitrogen-infused iced coffee. The tip jars read, “Mayweather,” “McGregor,” and “Decency,” respectively. (“Decency” has the most cash.) Customers discuss boredom, Twin Peaks (the show), and the beef between Ryan Adams and Father John Misty (aka Sir Elton Asshole). “I like his lyrics,” somebody says. In the corner a customer who ordered a pour-over has been waiting minutes […]

24-Hour Diner

anecdote / fiction

There’s a diner I visit sometimes when sleep doesn’t come easy. Tonight I order corn beef hash and eggs sunny side up and wheat toast and OJ. Coffee, she asks. And I turn over the cup. The sound of the coffee pouring comforts me like the presence of a few strangers at this hour and the mechanical din of the soda refrigerator at the entrance and the fact that I’m sitting at a booth by […]

Fly Fishing Lessons

fiction / poem

“What gives,” I say as we pull into the parking lot of an upscale mall. “Where’s the water?” Ten minutes later I cast my line, aiming for lengths of plywood in the grass beside the freeway. After a couple misses, my old man yells over traffic, “Give it more wrist!” Cars slow. Drivers begin to ogle. I assume they are confused by the sight of grown men with fishing poles on the side of the […]