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24-Hour Diner

anecdote / fiction

There’s a diner I visit sometimes when sleep doesn’t come easy. Tonight I order corn beef hash and eggs sunny side up and wheat toast and OJ. Coffee, she asks. And I turn over the cup. The sound of the coffee pouring comforts me like the presence of a few strangers at this hour and the mechanical din of the soda refrigerator at the entrance and the fact that I’m sitting at a booth by […]

Stranded on the Tarmac

anecdote / poem

When we landed, the sun was an orange lip on the horizon. Now it is gone. We rode twenty minutes over runways, past blinking lights and descending planes. The pilot comes on the loudspeaker. His tone is that of a remorseful philanderer. He informs us that we have another twenty minutes before we can deplane. The man seated next to me is traveling to his father's funeral. He lives in Ohio. His wife and children […]

Lost in Translation


Following the meal, my mother, a Brazilian, asked her in-laws, two Cuban émigrés who had made a home in the United States, “How was the food?” “Exquisito,” my Cuban grandfather replied, while making the A-okay sign, index finger touching thumb. My mother blushed and asked her father-in-law to lower his hand. You see, my grandfather thought he said, “The food was exquisite.” But in Brazil, the A-okay sign is a very rude gesture, more appropriate […]